"Stultorum infinitus est numerus - The number of fools is infinite" 

With the inclusion of the foolish, I would like to investigate in more detail the joyous, miraculous figure of the fool, a mystery of many cultures. He becomes part of the narrative within the "box", he is the connecting element. A protagonist with numerous attributes, manifesting himself as a systemic outsider to the counterpart of the ideal human being. Every time and culture produces its own fools whose necessity and conditional stigmatization can only be fully understood in their subsequent cultures. Thus, the fool idea serves as a blind spot or as a projection screen for anything shameful or veiled in comparison to mostly finite or recurring ideals. I consider the artistic exploration of the element inviting reflection as a personal and universal challenge. With him, an almost unbiased inventory of the existing can succeed. A stylistic combination creates a dialogue between the image carriers. This dialogue allows a rethinking of values, cultural peculiarities, the changeability of ideals, thus posing questions of our coexistence and thereby creating the necessary appreciation for each other.


Painting, graphic works, installation  

"Frames" (boxes, caskets and bunks) serving as scenery and graph, as a limiting element. By specifying the limitation, paradoxical free space and leeway can be generated. They form the backdrop and biotope for icons, (anti) heroes and dummies. They imply a tension between monumental heaviness and microscopic lightness, suggestive and symbolically charged, they stand in the crossfire between lush Baroque forms of representation and ascetic purism. Pattern vs. symbol blur in the "box" to the narrative unit, the hybrid. Transfiguration of periodic structures in the context of playful communication.